Welcome to
Inishowen Concrete Structures

Providing the most reliable Construction Services
to cover all aspects of your projects


Welcome to
Inishowen Concrete Structures

Our expert team delivers value, working closely
with our clients from initial design
to the project completion


Welcome to
Inishowen Concrete Structures

We offer a huge range of high-quality, reinforced
concrete solutions, on time and
in affordable prices


Inishowen is a reputable construction company that delivers impeccable construction solutions based on its vast experience in reinforced concrete frames. Our expertise includes Formwork, Concrete Reinforcement, and Concrete Placing.
We have a committed and efficient team which is determined to provide capable construction services in London and its surrounding area.




our services

Inishowen specialises in offering best Formwork, Steel Fixing and Concrete Placing to numerous contractors and developer. With over 16 years of experience in the reinforced concrete frame, we ensure that your project is well designed, adequately managed, within budget and completed on time.

RC frames basement

Inishowen Concrete Structures offers accurate, high quality, reliable, and durable RC frames to be installed in various high-value properties across London.

retaining walls

Inishowen Concrete Structures is proficient in formwork which effectively supports the wet concrete until it is firmly placed. Our experts are trained to adapt your design specifications.

ground beams stairs

Inishowen Concrete Structures provides a variety of ground beams products which are suited to meet your specific requirements.

Pre-cast Stairs

Inishowen Concrete Structures can build designer styled pre-cast stairs which provides functionality and add distinctive looks to your house.


We Are Experienced to provide you with the highest level of commitment and quality for every aspect of your construction project


Inishowen Concrete Structures has provided expert services in numerous projects over the years, and our work showcases our skill and ability to assist you in efficient and effective completion of your construction project.


Our ability to meet and go beyond our client’s expectations is what makes us a reputed construction firm. Get in touch with our experts by specifying your needs in the contact form below.


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6 Woodstock Avenue, Isleworth, London, tw7 7jf