Inishowen Concrete Structures provides a range of different construction services. With our level of experience and training, our team can adequately support the various construction designs and help the client effectively organise and manage the numerous requirements of the project. Our main goal is to offer valuable advice, suggestions, and services to the contractors in the planning, designing, and development of their construction project. Our experience, modern thinking, and skills allow us to facilitate contractors in various type of residential, commercial and industrial projects. The focus of our services is a reinforced concrete framework, formwork, and ground beam stairs.

RC Frames Basement

Inishowen Concrete Structures can install RC frames in the basement of many high-value properties in London and the surrounding area. Our team is experienced in providing efficient, safe, reliable and cost-effective service. We can make single or double depth basements within your budget which will help you get additional space. We offer the highest quality reinforced concrete in welded beams, ground beams, pile caps, walls, and columns.

Retaining Walls

Inishowen Concrete Structures is an expert in retaining walls also known as formwork. The wet concrete walls are properly supported until they are firmly in place. Our team is trained to formwork which can vary from ground beams, walls, pile caps, columns, and slabs. Our formwork joiners are skilled and knowledgeable to work with all types of formwork kit. Our team can also adapt to various design requirements of the construction.

Ground Beam

Inishowen Concrete Structures offers precast concrete projects and also concrete ground beams which are tailor-made according to the client’s requirements. The ground beams are purposefully designed to suit modern construction design and as an alternative of conventional foundations. The ground beam is installed quickly, effective and durable than traditional foundations.

Pre-cast Stairs

Inishowen Concrete Structures provides artistic and designer styled pre-cast concrete staircases. The term ‘pre-cast’ is the name of strength and durability. We have a focused molding technique which adds beauty to the curved staircase and fit according to the design of the house.